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Anyone interested in taking lessons from the Joe Lis Baseball School MUST sign up for lessons in August or September. Lessons run from October through April in order to prepare each child for the baseball season. Lessons are provided on a permanent schedule for each individual. For example, if a child is scheduled to have a lesson at 5:00 on Thursday, then that child would have the 5:00 Thursday slot through the entire baseball school season. Joe Lis Baseball School provides individual lessons for boys and girls ages 7 through 18. Lessons cover hitting, fielding techniques, pitching and throwing mechanics.

$100 per month – 1 lesson per week
$175 per month – 2 lessons per week
It is important to the instructors that all customers get their money’s worth from the lessons provided at the baseball school. It is the philosophy of Joe Lis Jr. that the kids who train hard and put in the effort will see results. If you work hard, and enjoy getting better at the sport, then you will become a good “life learner.” Someone who enjoys seeing the results of hard work in baseball, will carry that through life outside of the sport. There have been many students of the Joe Lis Baseball School who have taken this philosophy and became successful baseball players beyond high school. Some of these individuals are:
Tyler Browning – Indiana State University
BJ Huff – University of Alabama at Birmingham, was then drafted by the New York Mets
Will Larue- Xavier
Jimmy Lynch – drafted by the Houston Astros
Robby Ort – Indiana State University
Graham Saiko – University of South Carolina